Verka Serduchka – Copyright © Criminal – Вєрка Сердючка – Копірайт © Бандит

Verka Serduchka – Logo




ТОВ «Мама Мюзік» сьогодні опікується авторськими правами Андрія Данилко.

  • This is my Star, Serduchka!

White Star & Smile. 2004-2005 © Olena Starynets

  • I am not suffer from the clinical narcissism. This is my 1981 photo which became a digital illustration to the fragments of my manuscript I posted in 2005. I was trying to figure what was wrong with the Soviet society which labeled me as an enemy of the state. I was nice girl and absolutely nothing was wrong with me.
  • Without my star and glasses Serduchka is nthing. Actually, she is not a woman, but man. Andriy Danilko – female impersonator.

Once Danilko wanted to take off my star, but he cannot

  • Not everybody could became a career torturer and murder
  • He is not an actor, but a military robot; a parrot-like individual
  • Verka Serduchka deserves a chocolate medal for her/his service

“Every journalist knows that there are two sides to every story – sometimes many more than two” (Seymour Hersh).

Everything Matter


Starbucks Logo

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” 

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

“When you in hole, quilt digging!” (Pour Your Heart Into It’ How Starbucks Built A Company One Cup At A Time by Howard Schultz)

Moral, Legal, And Ethical

  • When I was doing my illustration for my website I was thinking about heroes from the old Slavic fairy-tales, Olena the Beautiful and Olena the Wise. Those girls was with the magic star in their foreheads.When I was born my brother was reading those fairy-tales and he advised my parents to give me that magic Ukrainian name which echoed the name and fame of Helen of Troy. So, now you got my point. My star was a poetic metaphor. I am an artist and poet. I am not a clown or assassin.
  • Was the Starbucks logo somehow influenced me at a subconscious level? I do not know. Probably. The Starbucks is a part of the American way of life and the collective subconscious.
  • However, I was not jumping around with the Starbucks Star on my head. Also, it never was my logo or my brand. More, I was not using my modest illustration for any commercial purposes.
  • I was not mocking the Starbucks.
  • It was long time ago.

Bad Monkey

  • Serduchka’s star was mocking my star. More, Serduchka was targeting me personally.
  • However; this image is subconsciously connected not only to the Starbucks logo but to the famous Red Kremlin stars too.
  • Is not it funny?

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