The Years of Triumph – Роки Триумфу

Verka  Serduchka the Janissar and 2 “boy scouts” in uniform.

Вєрка Сердючка і “пластуни-бойскаути”



Every gulag has a few devils. В кожному гулазі є свої дияволи

  • I was a Scout Master (Plast) in Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia .
  • Danilko is not just an actor. Hi is on the mission. Death is driving behind him. He started his career on the high wave of terror, crimes and repressions which started in 1994 when Kuchma was elected.
  • Danilko made his career on the anti-Ukrainism. He was targeting the Ukrainian Soul and get promoted for his Janissary’s work.
  • However, those who was living in Eastern Ukraine faced a ruthless red terror and forced exile.
  • The Communist Mafia and KGB wanted to rule Ukraine without the Ukrainians. They shaped society just like their Bolsheviks grandfathers – killed everybody who was not one of them. “If you not with us you against us.”
  • “Luggage, airport, America,” they told me.
  • “For who they are cleansing Ukraine?” some people was asking themselves. Now, 20 years later and 8 million people less it’s time to make some thinking, if Ukraine still have some brain.
  • Ukrainian artists was repressed by the Kuchma’s government. Now, ex-president want to be a honorable artist of the Union of Ukrainian Artists.
  • Danilko not just stole my art ideas and even my identity. He literally raped and killed me.

The ex-KGB are ruthless with all real or imagined opponents.



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