Noblese Oblige – Шляхетність зобов’язує

Aristocrat. 2009 © Olena Starynets

Aristocrat. 2009 © Olena Starynets

Академік РАЕН Професор Ігор Смірнов ”вже знає, що так є така розкіш; є такі люди, які уві сні і у подсвідомості не сприймають зла – аритократи духу. Тобто, це не просто такий вираз, а фізіологія; але потрбні ще досліди.” (Russia, 1994)

Everybody Wants To Be Aristocrats – Всі хочуть бути аристократами

  • Everybody wants to be a princess or aristocrat.They are decent, moral people. Kings never killed millions people for nothing in gulags.
  • Всі хочуть бути аристократами
  • I am an aristocrat, literally. What is my secret? Yes, this is all about genetics and God. I know it all my life.
  • Remember, that Ukraine is the Eastern Europe. Our traditional aristocrats was nothing like the British aristocrats. West is Money, East is Glory.

Serduchka the Clown in a crown

  • That is joke about my drawing of a Byzantine princess in the crown.
  • Yes, 1/8 of my ancestors was the Byzantine Greeks from Crimea. They was a native population of the South of Ukraine and Crimea.There are more Hellenic genes in the Ukrainians then you think. Greeks was living more then 2500 years in Ukraine. Crimea is my! I am 100% the native Ukrainian in any way.

Project Verka Serduchka

Verka Serduchka the Napoleon

Verka Serduchka the Napoleon

  • Ambitious Project Verka Serduchka…
  • Danilko feels like Napoleon, not me. I am fine.
  • The Serduchka Project include unspeakable humiliations and tortures which my pen refuses to write. However, this is not just rape of the mind but violence too. This is a ritual kill. Here I am, naked and dead. They harvested parts my body of art, my whole artistic identity for their commercial exploitation.
  • The “Mama Music” agency is a real bone factory. You know, I’ve never seen anything like this. They not just steal my designs or ideas, but a whole artist package. Identity and body included. Also, they ruthlessly torture the author for years… This is a hate crime.
  • But God is watching. I am tired of the Serduchka’s Team.

2001 Verka Serduchka – this photo even better!

  • Serduchka shows her Hypnotic Powers.
  • Right, all those circles, stripes and discs are one of my favorite motives in my drawings and digital art since 2001.
  • Here Verka Serduchka looks like50% Nestor Makhno and 50% Napoleon. KGB hated Makchno.
  • Question: How it connected to the text of the Pirozhok song?
Mascarade. 2009 © Olena Starynets

Mascarade. 2009 © Olena Starynets

  • I hope you understand that some my digital art never was published. It was stolen from my computer and flush drives.
    So, if it is a date – 2009, for example, this is the date of publishing at large.

Psycological Torture – Психологічні Тортури

Psychological torture is “manipulation the victim psychologically until resistance is broken.” Psychological torture is as bad as physical torture because the worst scars are in the mind.

Психологічні тортури – це психологічне маніпулювання психикою жертви з ціллю зламати опір. Психологічні тортури не кращі від фізичних тортур, бо найгірші рубці залишаються у памяті.


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