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Noblese Oblige – Шляхетність зобов’язує

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Aristocrat. 2009 © Olena Starynets

Aristocrat. 2009 © Olena Starynets

Академік РАЕН Професор Ігор Смірнов ”вже знає, що так є така розкіш; є такі люди, які уві сні і у подсвідомості не сприймають зла – аритократи духу. Тобто, це не просто такий вираз, а фізіологія; але потрбні ще досліди.” (Russia, 1994)

Everybody Wants To Be Aristocrats – Всі хочуть бути аристократами

  • Everybody wants to be a princess or aristocrat.They are decent, moral people. Kings never killed millions people for nothing in gulags.
  • Всі хочуть бути аристократами
  • I am an aristocrat, literally. What is my secret? Yes, this is all about genetics and God. I know it all my life.
  • Remember, that Ukraine is the Eastern Europe. Our traditional aristocrats was nothing like the British aristocrats. West is Money, East is Glory.

Serduchka the Clown in a crown

  • That is joke about my drawing of a Byzantine princess in the crown.
  • Yes, 1/8 of my ancestors was the Byzantine Greeks from Crimea. They was a native population of the South of Ukraine and Crimea.There are more Hellenic genes in the Ukrainians then you think. Greeks was living more then 2500 years in Ukraine. Crimea is my! I am 100% the native Ukrainian in any way.

Project Verka Serduchka

Verka Serduchka the Napoleon

Verka Serduchka the Napoleon

  • Ambitious Project Verka Serduchka…
  • Danilko feels like Napoleon, not me. I am fine.
  • The Serduchka Project include unspeakable humiliations and tortures which my pen refuses to write. However, this is not just rape of the mind but violence too. This is a ritual kill. Here I am, naked and dead. They harvested parts my body of art, my whole artistic identity for their commercial exploitation.
  • The “Mama Music” agency is a real bone factory. You know, I’ve never seen anything like this. They not just steal my designs or ideas, but a whole artist package. Identity and body included. Also, they ruthlessly torture the author for years… This is a hate crime.
  • But God is watching. I am tired of the Serduchka’s Team.

2001 Verka Serduchka – this photo even better!

  • Serduchka shows her Hypnotic Powers.
  • Right, all those circles, stripes and discs are one of my favorite motives in my drawings and digital art since 2001.
  • Here Verka Serduchka looks like50% Nestor Makhno and 50% Napoleon. KGB hated Makchno.
  • Question: How it connected to the text of the Pirozhok song?
Mascarade. 2009 © Olena Starynets

Mascarade. 2009 © Olena Starynets

  • I hope you understand that some my digital art never was published. It was stolen from my computer and flush drives.
    So, if it is a date – 2009, for example, this is the date of publishing at large.

Psycological Torture – Психологічні Тортури

Psychological torture is “manipulation the victim psychologically until resistance is broken.” Psychological torture is as bad as physical torture because the worst scars are in the mind.

Психологічні тортури – це психологічне маніпулювання психикою жертви з ціллю зламати опір. Психологічні тортури не кращі від фізичних тортур, бо найгірші рубці залишаються у памяті.


BBC Connections – Зв’язки з Бі-Бі-Сі

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Verka Serduchka – 2007 – BBC – London

  • The BBC Russian Service was a big friend and admirer of Serduchka, especially some old man:


Seva is infamous because his anti-Ukrainism.

  • Seva Novgorodsev is a pseudonym, his real name being Vsevolod Borisovich Levenstein.
  • In 1975 Seva was granted exit visas to Israel; however, as many others he chose Europe instead. 
  • Seva Novgorodsev: “I was told on numerous occasions that I was the one who brought the Soviet Union down”.
  • However, there was a lot of complaints about Seva. How he got away with all of that and for so long?
  • On September 4, 2015, at the age of 75, Seva Novgorodsev retired from broadcasting.
  • I never liked his programs and was not listening. My friends and relatives too. Who was listening him? Children of elite who wanted “brought down the USSR” and became oligarchs?


Seva who ‘brought down the USSR’

  • Well, good for you. Now we know who did it… Actually, we do not wanted “brought down the USSR” or destroy our country and die under ruins. We wanted freedom, peace and independence for Ukraine but we wanted change the USSR peacefully, without violence. We wanted a civilized divorce. It was not hurry.
  • Ukraine is not Scotland.

What is common between Seva and Serduchka?

  • Well, I do not know. Charisma? Yes, they have charisma on an almost supernatural level. Hard to argue with that.


Wizard of Oz

  • Anti-Ukrainism. They both do not like Ukrainians, who speck the Ukrainian language and labels them “nationalists.”

Anti-Ukrainism is the hating of or prejudice against Ukrainians. (In this usage, it generally is applied to the ethical Ukrainians only). One of the most famous acts of the anti-Ukrainism was during 1932-1933, when Joseph Stalin and the Russian Communist (Bolsheviks) party killed 10 millions of Ukrainians in the event known as the Holodomor (Ukrainian genocide) of 1933.

Антиукраїнізм – це ненависть, або упередження до українців. (У цьому розумінні термін вцілому застосовується тільки по відношенню до етнічних українців.) Один з найбільш відомих актів антиукраїнізму відбувся у 1932-1933, коли Йосип Сталін і російська комуністична партія більшовиків вбили 10-12 мільйонів українців під час події відомої як Голодомор (Український геноцид) 1932-1933).

  • They both hate me. Actually, I was one of those who was complaining about Seva. Also, he payed me back.

2007- Serduchka & her pretended mama in the new dresses

  • Believe or not, but this is my long yellow T-short for sleeping with big flowers. I sent the same to my mom too. But my T-shorts was not so ugly and without blue butterflies.

Verka & her mother in London – 2007

  • My mother died in 2009 at the age of 90. She was a very handsome woman and was working as a surgery nurce in the military hospital in Leningrad during WW2.

British aristocrats and ugly old ladies of Ukraine

  • Danilko-Serduchka has very powerful friends which push him/her on the front line of politics.

“I always wanted to be a princess.” (Verka Serduchka)

Keeping Up Morale – Serduchka’s Rally in Russia

  •  A Princess of the New Order surrounded by storm troopers and youthful enthusiasts.

A Uniform Code  for the Young – War Dances

“The National Socialist revolution and the Nazi Party were animated and dominated by militaristic homosexuals, pederasts, pornographers, and sadomasochists.” (The Pink Swastika by S.Lively and K. Abrams)

“Націонал-соціалістична революція і партія нацистів надихалася і керувалася мілітаристськими гомосексуалістами, педерастами і порнографістами.” (Рожева Свастика – С.Лівелі і К. Абрамс)

“Any lie, frequently repeated, will gradually gain acceptance.” (Josef Goebbels)

“Whenever I hear the word “culture”, I reach for my revolver.” (Hermann Göring)

Verka Serduchka – Copyright © Criminal – Вєрка Сердючка – Копірайт © Бандит

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Verka Serduchka – Logo




ТОВ «Мама Мюзік» сьогодні опікується авторськими правами Андрія Данилко.

  • This is my Star, Serduchka!

White Star & Smile. 2004-2005 © Olena Starynets

  • I am not suffer from the clinical narcissism. This is my 1981 photo which became a digital illustration to the fragments of my manuscript I posted in 2005. I was trying to figure what was wrong with the Soviet society which labeled me as an enemy of the state. I was nice girl and absolutely nothing was wrong with me.
  • Without my star and glasses Serduchka is nthing. Actually, she is not a woman, but man. Andriy Danilko – female impersonator.

Once Danilko wanted to take off my star, but he cannot

  • Not everybody could became a career torturer and murder
  • He is not an actor, but a military robot; a parrot-like individual
  • Verka Serduchka deserves a chocolate medal for her/his service

“Every journalist knows that there are two sides to every story – sometimes many more than two” (Seymour Hersh).

Everything Matter


Starbucks Logo

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” 

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

“When you in hole, quilt digging!” (Pour Your Heart Into It’ How Starbucks Built A Company One Cup At A Time by Howard Schultz)

Moral, Legal, And Ethical

  • When I was doing my illustration for my website I was thinking about heroes from the old Slavic fairy-tales, Olena the Beautiful and Olena the Wise. Those girls was with the magic star in their foreheads.When I was born my brother was reading those fairy-tales and he advised my parents to give me that magic Ukrainian name which echoed the name and fame of Helen of Troy. So, now you got my point. My star was a poetic metaphor. I am an artist and poet. I am not a clown or assassin.
  • Was the Starbucks logo somehow influenced me at a subconscious level? I do not know. Probably. The Starbucks is a part of the American way of life and the collective subconscious.
  • However, I was not jumping around with the Starbucks Star on my head. Also, it never was my logo or my brand. More, I was not using my modest illustration for any commercial purposes.
  • I was not mocking the Starbucks.
  • It was long time ago.

Bad Monkey

  • Serduchka’s star was mocking my star. More, Serduchka was targeting me personally.
  • However; this image is subconsciously connected not only to the Starbucks logo but to the famous Red Kremlin stars too.
  • Is not it funny?

Star, Flower, Smile & Much More – Зірка, Квітка, Посмішка і Ще Багатo Чого

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Cheshire Cat Smile – Посмішка Чеширського Кота

Cheshire Cat Smile. 2004 © Olena Starynets

Cheshire Cat Smile. 2004 © Olena Starynets

  • Посмішка Чеширського Кота – from my old website
Cheshire Cat Smile. 2004 © Olena Starynets

Cheshire Cat Smile. 2004 © Olena Starynets

  • Посмішка Чеширського Кота – from my old website

Smile - Verka Serduchka - Dancing - Europe2007My Smile is literally in the hands of Verka Serduchka

  • Her jacket is my old one. Her glasses are the same…Brown…from Zaporizhzhia. “Mama Music” is a real bone factory. Artist kill and recycling.

VS_kavun_fdpucba43g10341cVerka Serduchka with a slice of water melon in her hand

  • Verka Serduchka with my “slice of watermelon”
  • She is a protestor/dissident poet (“Song Can’t Be Killed!”)
  • “Smiles” incorporated in her poster “Song Can’t Be Killed!”
  • She is in my home slippers and paints with jacket which was my usual outfit.
  • Interesting that it is a blue yellow Ukrainian patriotic jacket

Star – Зірка

White Star & Smile. 2004-2005 © Olena Starynets

  • Why I have a star on my head? My last name is STARynets.  Slavic, Sanskrit roots.
  • It was posted on my web site with my digital art and some chapters from my manuscript (Academy of the Dark Arts).
  • It was first time in the history of Ukraine when KGB attacked a manuscript and writer in America.

Verka Serduchka – Logo

Why did they do it? Why they was so aggressively harvesting me as an artist and identity?

  • Because they was thinking that I do not survive, as many other victims of terror and ethnic cleansing in the Eastern Ukraine. Death Squads was tasting on me all their advanced technology of torture and murder.
  • They wanted destroy me morally and physically; make me be sorry that I was born as an Ukrainian.
  • They love my art and designs. So, they found it very talented and used it. They make money.
  • They wanted to dance on my grave, so other Ukrainian artists, intellectuals and opposition will be scared. “She who is not with us is against us.”

VS bw_star13503881781Verka Serduchka in my glasses

Flower – Квітка / Rose – Троянда



Smille & Rose. 2004-2005 © Olena Starynets

  • Why I have a red rose on my head? I am an Ukrainian. First, it was roses with long ribbons, than only red roses, then – just one rose. It was a Symbol. The Ukrainian Folk Symbol.The Ukrainian women are using to wear flowers on their heads from the ancient times.

Rose - Verka SerduchkaVerka Serduchka with my Red Rose

Button (rose) from my old web site

Button (rose) from my old web site

Button (red roses) from my old web siteFrom my old web site.

Sunflowers – Соняхи

This is even my smile – a little bit ironical, but not sarcastic  and cynical, like the Verka Serduchka’s smile.

Smile.2001-2009 © Olena Starynets

Smile.2001-2009 © Olena Starynets

  • I have a photograph, where I am standing in the sunflower field in Ukraine.This is just a part of my photograph, which I transformed into a digital art.

fon2Verka’s Sunflower

  • Sunflower – background from Verka Serduchka’s old web site
Sunflowers - wikipedia

Sunflowers – Wikipedia

  • From my old website

2001 © Olena Starynets

  • It was my first steps in the field of the digital art (2000-2001), so do not be too critical…I was using images of the sunflower field on my websites, because it is one of the symbols of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Folk Costume

Ukrainian Folk Costume. 2006 -2009 © Olena Starynets

Ukrainian Folk Costume. 2006 -2009 © Olena Starynets

  • This is one of my favorite themes – the Ukrainian Folk Costume

VS_383730292-e1359022190205Verka Serduchka in a Ukrainian folk costume

  • Making fun of the Ukrainians and their “national uniform”

Little Stars – Маленькі Зірочки

Serduchka got huge “sexy” brests

Highlighting gender differences is what makes a person look “sexy.” (The Definitive book of Body Language” by Allan & Barbara Pease, 2004)


Verka Serduchka became a star

  • Verka Serduchka suddenly changed her profession and became a star.
Web - Background. © Olena Starynets

Web – Background. © Olena Starynets

Artist & Poet in Exile – Художник у Вигнанні

Verka SerduchkaThis is practically my design

  • Verka Serduchka was a simple middle age woman, which was working on the Ukrainian rail road. I saw Serduchka on TV. She was funny, natural and sincere. I moved in America in the end of January 1998. In the end of 1998 I sent my asylum application in the INS. I got a political asylum in July 1999. Then was the  September of 2001…

” 2001 Андрій кардинально змінив образ Сердючки — з невихованої провідниці вона перетворилася на поп-зірку. В цей час також виходять перші компакт диски Андрія з піснями, які моментально зажили великої популярності серед аудиторії.

Творчість, виступ на Євробаченні та сама постать Вєрки Сердючки залишається досить суперечливою в Україні.
Депутат від Партії Регіонів Тарас Чорновіл назвав Данилка в образі Сердючки «гермафродитом» і пообіцяв не дивитися фестиваль. Конгрес українських націоналістів також підкреслив, що на їх думку цей персонаж є втіленням «малоросійщини» і ганьбить Україну.”

“Восени 98-го програма пішла на „ТБ-6” і про „народну провідницю” дізнались в Росії. В новій програмі «Я – революція!» Данилко змінив імідж Сердючки – із провідниці вона перетворилася на поп-зірку.
В 2001-му вийшов перший промоційний (не для продажу) компакт-диск Верки Сердючки «Pirozhok», через рік вийшов офіційний збірник кращих записів 1998-2002 рр. «Неизданное». “

  • P.S. I left Ukraine to America in January 1998.

imageszVerka Serduchka – suddenly a poet & artist in exile

  • This is practically, a copy of my own photograph in winter overcoat and beret. “Not published” (Neizdannoe) is my verses and my autobiographical novel manuscript. Also, Verka Serduchka was not only poet, but an artist too. There was her “paintings” (kaliaki-maliaki) on her first website too.
  • Since 1994 Kuchma started political terror in Ukraine. However, they refused admit that they have political refugees. So, they told that I am not a dissident, but gay and prostitute.
  • Also, that I am not a Ukrainian, that I am not a professional artist and I am not a poet. I AM NOBODY. Verka Serduchka is a real KGB killer.
Verka Serduchka - a beginning of the transformation

Verka Serduchka –  beginning of the transformation

  • Such sudden, radical personality change.

Verka_SerduchkaVerka Serduchka – Out of closet, still in her old skirt

hqdefaultVerka Serduchka – Near her old train

Transformation – Трансформація

Verka Serduchka (actor: Andriy Danilko) was a simple girl:

  • She never was wearing glasses.
  • She never was painting pictures or writing poems before.
  • She never had her own website with samples of her art and unpublished books.
  • She was working on the Ukrainian rail road.
  • She was popular in Ukraine

Why she suddenly transformed in the smiling Star with:

  • Rose on the head
  • White Star on the head
  • Red smile in the hands

and much more…

Putting the Pieces Together

groshi_171279049It’s all about Money

  • Danilko obviously enjoying his money:”I love big bucks!”

“By grabbing more food, aggressive pups grow faster and larger.” (“Unlocking Secrets of the Unknown”)


Sorry, my website is under re-construction. 🙂

Artist in Exile – Художник у Вигнанні

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Artist in Exile Project © 2013 Olena Starynets

Artist in Exile

I am an artist
I live in a tulip
I have no home
I am from Ukraine
I live in the garden
I love all nice flowers
I live in the tulip
I am from Ukraine

April 15, 2014
© 2014 Olena Starynets


Artist in Exile Project ©2013 Olena Starynets

Художник у Вигнанні

Я художник
Я живу у тюльпані
Я з України
В мене хати нема
Я живу у садочку
Я люблю дуже квіти
Я живу у тюльпані
В мене хати нема

© 2014 Олена Старинець


I Live in the Tulip ©2015 Olena Starynets

Artist in Exile Project ©2013 Olena Starynets

Artist in Exile Project ©2013 Olena Starynets